Al Reynolds, Trustee


Al is one of three trustees who have general supervision of all funds and property of our Local Union. Part of that responsibility includes a semi-annual audit of those funds and properties, with reports to the Region, International and Local 160 membership. Previous to this he has held elected positions on site as both Alternate District and District Committeeperson since 2010.

Al has been with GM 40 years. He entered the Skilled Trades at the Chevrolet Foundries in Saginaw as a Millwright; transferred to Pontiac Motors at the Pontiac complex as an assembler, Machine Repair, and Metal Model Maker. Al transferred to the WTC in 1991 and has worked at MCD, Research, Design. He is now a MMM Leader at MTS.

In addition, he is on the Hourly GMS Team as the MTS and Second Shift Co-Lead. In that capacity, his responsibilities are to support and coach the WTC GMS process across the site.

Al is married and lives in the hill country of north Oakland County. He has one son and two stepsons.

Contact Al at 586 424-5892.