David Small, President

As President of our amalgamated UAW Local 160 David represents over 2000
UAW Local 160 members at the General Motors Technical Center (WTC) in
Warren Michigan. Three separate bargaining units comprise our Local that are the General Motors Unit, Aramark, and Caravan companies.

David has been a proud skilled trades member (Experimental Laboratory Paint Technician (ELPT) for 27 years (13 on 2 nd shift…14 on 1 st shift) based out of Design. David has represented the members through much of his tenure at WTC in capacities such as Alternate Committeeperson, Committeeperson, Executive Board positions such as Trustee and Chairperson Trustee, Vice President, and most recently President for the last 3 years. Prior to working at WTC, he held a committeeperson position for the Pattern and Model Makers Association of Warren (AFL-CIO Union).

As President of UAW Local 160 David oversees day to day operations at Local 160 as well as Chairperson for our Local 160 Executive Board and presiding officer over all Local 160 Stranding Committee’s. David also works with and supports three separate shop committees that are GM Unit Shop Committee, Aramark Shop Committee, and Caravan Committee.

One of David’s focuses has been improved communication for our Local 160 members as has been shown in in the last year with the addition of a new media system (monitors with bluetooth with web capabilities) at our Local 160 hall, a new text message system in place allowing your President to send out important union information from his computer to your phone, a new and improved Local 160 website with available App, and a much improved sign up e-mail alert system.